Aloe Vera Plus capsules


Aloe Vera Plus capsules

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500mg x 60capsules

Concentrated ultra-fine powders of aloe vera, Grape seed extract, Vitamin E

Improves bowel movement, accelerates toxin excretion;
Alleviates inflammatory signs and symptoms;
Eases pain and expels the internal heat of human body.

Suitable for:

People who need to boost immunity People who have benign or malignant tumor People who complete chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy People who are sick or during rehabilitation

People with chronic bronchitis, asthma, allergy or other respiratory disorders

Key knowledge:

  • Bowel movement supporter

Aloe is a pro-noun of bitter peptic. Aloe contains aloin, aloe pyridine which can stimulate the appetite and minimize the diarrhea of the large intestine. Aloe component can increase the small intestine fluid secretion, enhance the activity of lipase and stimulate maladjusted autonomic nerves of large intestine. After ingesting aloe, people with chronic constipation can digest easily, thus, aloe is taken as the best medicament for improving constipation all over the world.

  • Anti-inflammation and sterilization

Aloe tincture has strong bacteria repellency, and can sterilize directly which makes it superior to antibiotic. Aloe tincture will disable the insecticide tolerance of the cells. Moreover, it can kill the harmful bacteria resulting from antibiotic usage and recommend for controlling antibiotic resistant bacteria.

  • Detoxification

The amylase in aloe can detoxify the liver, accelerate the blood circulation within the liver, help resume liver function and assists rehabilitation of hepatitis. Aloe can eliminate or diminish the complications due to inflammatory medicine, anti-histamine and improve the leukocyte decline radically. It is effective on most symptoms of hypersusceptibility.

  • Ease pain and cool off

Aloe relieves pain quickly and accurately without any harm. Amylose in aloe can induce nerves to rest and eliminate hypersusceptibility and internal heat; it can cure neuropathic gastritis and heart disease.



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