Mini Water Treasure Šui Bao


Mini Water Treasure Šui Bao

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  • Changes the characteristics of normal water into small molecular clusters with alkalescent pH value.
  • It can be put into cups, teapots, water bottles, or other containers to improve the quality of drinking water.
  • Improves the osmosis, diffusion, dissolution and metabolism properties of the water, and makes the water molecules pass through the cell membrane easier, thus, increases the exchange velocity of the extracellular and intracellular water.
  • Helps the excretion of harmful acidic metabolites and other wastes, as well as promotes the metabolism.

Recommended for:

  • People who eat junk food frequently, or addict to smoking or alcoholic beverages
  • People with high acidic levels in the body
  • People in sub-health status
  • People with elevated blood pressure, blood sugar or blood lipid level