ISHINE Neurolepsie capsules


ISHINE Neurolepsie capsules

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500mg x 60capsules.

Ingredients: Polygala Tenofuifolia, Herba Gynostemmae Pentaphylli, Semen Pruni

induces sleep and improves sleeping quality; regulates sleep disorder such as insomnia, troubled and dream disturbed sleep and soothes the nerve system.

Key Knowledge:

Sleep can often be barometer of human overall health, in many cases, people in good health tend to sleep well, whereas repeated sleeping problems may indicate an underlying medical or mental health problem, be it minor or serous, Sleeping well is essential to physical health and emotional well-being. The brain’s physiological function of slepp regulation weakens with age. Sleep disorders such as insomnia, troubled and dream disturbed sleep not only indicate declined well-being, gut also lead to compromoesd immunity, accidents, impaired job perfomance, and relationship stress.

Polygala Tenuifolia: 

Polygala tenuifolia calms the nerve, hastens sleep, lessens dream, soothes the nerves and benefits wit.

Herba Gynostemmae Pentaphy:

Herba Gynostemmae Pentaphy contains mercaptan and more than 50 kinds of saponins, which brings quet sleep and placid mood, improve s mental involvements , enhances brain function and boosts memory.

How does iShine Capsule improve quality of sleep?

GreenWold IShine Capsule regulates sleep, brings the sleep from shallower to the deeper and then to the sleeping state quickly. It has an obviouse effect on climacteric insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, and waking up with a start at night. IShine Capsule supplies nerve system with nutrients, promotes growth of nerve cells, improves blood circulation, rehabilitates nerves, harmonizes the balance between excitement and restrain of pallium cells, restore the normal the conduction of cerebra neurotransmitter, resist fatigue, accelerates deep sleep, increases elaborate faculty and memory. Take IShine Capsule 10-15 minutes before sleep can significantly improve sleep quality

Suitable For:

People with sleep disorders, poor quality sleep, anxiety, stress, chronic fatigue and depression. 
Suggested use: 10-15 minutes before sleep.




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