Green World Chitosan capsules


Green World Chitosan capsules

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Specification: 400mg x 60 capsules.

Chitosan was named “immunity guard”, “the best functional health food in the 21th century”. Chitosan can be widely found in crustaceans, such as the shells of shrimps, crabs and insects. Green World Chitosan is a world brand quality chitosan product.

Characteristic and benefits: Chitosan is known as the sixth element of life, improves somnolence, promotes normal bowel movements, reduces fat absorption,binds heavy metals ions and eliminate metabolism waste. Help with diabetes and high sugar level

Ingredient: chitosan

Appropriate for : cancer patients;obesity paitents;people with high blood fat and blood sugar; people suffer from acute and chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis;people with deficient Immunity, easy to catch cold and easy to be fatigue;people with poor blood circulation and backache.

Suggested Use: 2 times a day, 2 capsules each time. Take with a glass of water.




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