Glucoblock capsules


Glucoblock capsules

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500mgx 60 capsules

How Green World Glucoblock Capsule Regulate Sugar level?

  • It improves circulation of the collateral branch and reallocation of the blood stream, regulate microcirculation and metabolism of the pancreas, so as to normalize the physiological function of the diseases insulin tissue.
  • It reduces the blood sugar, eliminates symptom of diabetes, restores function of the insulin, improves normal secretion of the insulin cell, activates histiocyte, and resumes receptors to insulin cytosine. Meanwhile, it is particularly effective on diabetes complications.
  • It regulates incretion, metabolism of carbohydrate an central nervous system eliminate ‘self immunoreactions’ causing diabetes so as to be good for restoration of the function of insulin cells.

Glucoblock Capsule Suitable for:
People with high blood sugar
People with type 2 diabetes
People with elevated blood lipid level, or other known metabolic syndrome.

Ingredient: Astragalus Hoangtcy Extract, balsam Pear Extract, ginkgo leaf Extract Mulberry leaf extract
1-2 capsules per day





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