Corrective Concealer Wheel


Corrective Concealer Wheel

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Four targeted concealers in one easy to use container. Yellow for neutralizing purple shadows. Green corrects redness from Rosacea and blemishes. Pink blends away sallowness. Tan conceals and covers imperfections. The shades can be mixed for perfect correction. The smooth cream to powder formula is long wearing and doesn’t crease or melt.

Understanding Neutralizing colors: Neutralizing colors are colors that appear opposite on the color wheel. For example- blue neutralizes orange; green neutralizes red and so on. So in order to cover red blemishes and blotchy skin, you must neutralize the color first with a green concealer, then, cover with foundation. By just adding a typical colored concealer, you won’t conceal the problem because the red or blue tones will shine through. So you always need to neutralize the flaw first. Meant to hide a variety of skin tone colors, in a new way.

Here’s a guideline as to how to use it.

Blue : Use to neutralize red tones on the skin. Use this for covering blemishes, red blotches, rosacea, port-wine stains

Yellow : Used to conceal bluish bruises, under-eye circles and mild red tones on the face, chemotherapy freckles / bruise / sun damage / pregnancy mask / dark spots

Lavender : Used to normalize yellow-colored imperfection such as sallow complexions and yellow bruises. It can also help conceal very dark under-eye circles and dark spots on bronze skin tones.

Beige : Use beige to conceal flaws and shadows–also brightens the under-eye area.
** Adjust the Beige concealer color to match your skintone by adding varying amounts of pale yellow.




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