Cellular PPRX

Cellular PPRX



Cellular PPRx is the obvious solution for mature skin, providing skin protection, prevention and regeneration. Mature skin is characterized by changes in all of its parts. The skin’s normal functions slow down and because it does not work as fast to shed dead cells, the skin looses, for instance, radiance. However, dry, thin and sagging skin is amongst the most common complaints of women who have entered their 50s.

Cellular PPRx contains a skin identical blend of new and unique vegetable-based long chain ceramides in a blend called Skinmimics®, the result of 5 years of research. Adrien Arpel is the first skincare brand in the U.S.A to launch this ingredient blend. Cellular PPRx will help mature skin to be revitalized by being properly moisturized and more elastic. Skin will become more supple, hydrated and younger looking with daily use.



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