Blueberry Eye Care Softgel


Blueberry Eye Care Softgel

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800mg x 100 softgels

Blueberry Eye Care Soft gel from Green World takes its main ingredient from Blueberry extract. Blueberry extract is the most effective eye care substance which is of small molecule and easy to be absorbed by human body. Green world products are well known around the world for best practice and sound efficacy you can depend on.

Ingredients: Blueberry Anthocyanin, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Phytoxanthin

Characteristics and Benefits Blueberry Eye care soft gel:

Provides the eyes with all the nutrients neede and improves blood circulation of the eyes;

Maintains health status of capillary blood vessels, relieves strain, pain and dryness of eyes;

Protects the lentis, prevents and improves the condition of eyes disorders such as the falling vision, senile glaucoma, cataract, presbyopia, hemorrihage of the retina, pseudomyopia, amblyopia, myopia, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa and night blindness etc

Improves eyesight and increases visual acuity

Blueberry Eye Care soft gel is suitable for:

People who work under adverse environment, i.e people work in IT industry, white collars who always use computer, drivers, people who work under bright or dim light, people who watchn TV for long time.

People who need to prevent or improve eye disorders;

People, who need to protect their eyes, relive asthenopia and delay eye degeneration.

Quanity: 100 softgel capsule





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