Permanent Make Up

The DCS dermo pigmentation method has been based in the first place on safety and respect to the human organism. To improve ones communicative expression became the ultimate target for DCS.

By balancing essential expression lines corrections are made to bring the non verbal communication in relation with the internal being. The by DCS used pigments have been dermatological tested and CE approved as medical implant which are free of any toxic ingredient and known allergens. The pigments and materials are delivered in a sterile packing and are disposed after us.

Once the right shape hs been made the selection of the right matching color starts. Know here that the result that will be obtained must be seen trough the epidermis. The pigment namely will be put in the upper layer of the dermis.Now the active pigmentation work can start. With a device a precise adjustable needle will be moved. The pigment will be sucked and get with the needle at the exact depth in the skin This depth is different depending the place on the body.After about a month it is time to make an appointment for the retouch. The fact there is a need of retouch has nothing to do with the experience of the DCS specialist, neither with the quality of the pigment or device. The epidermis is ending in the dermis with finger shaped antennas. The pigment solely positioned in the epidermis will be gone in about 28 days because it will mutate together with the epidermal cells to the skin’s surface to be rejected at the end.

In the first place it is important to know that the cell division of the facial cells is up to 6 times quicker as on the body. Besides that the exposition to sun radiation is having a destructive influence as well to everything containing pigments and colorants. Knowing this, it is understandable that after some years there might be a need to refresh your pigmentation.


Some factors will influence the success of your new look. Be modest with the consumption of coffee and alcohol because they have an influence on your blood vessels. Take enough rest. A tired person is too sensitive to undergo the pigmentation. The pain barrier will be decreased consequently. Take into consideration that it might be better to be fresh to determine and improve your future look.

Someone having the herpes virus better take the day before a tablet of Zovirax. In case the herpes is active at the moment your appointment should go on, it again is better to cancel and delay the appointment.In case you have a flew pr a cold, it is better to cancel and delay the appointment if you are going for a lip contour. Your infected nose will blow the illness over the treated zone and might cause further infections.


The result looks a lot more intensive than you basically had in mind,.but that’s normal. The DCS specialist knows her job and used the pigment that will meet you requirements after a month. Some of the pigments will become up to 45% brighter. Besides that the crusts render an optical darker view. Do not fumble these little crusts and let them grow out from themselves. Apply on a regular base the softening cream up to 3 days after treatment.

Don’t wash or do not put make-up on the pigmented zones up to 48 hours after pigmentation. Do not go to the swimming pool or sauna within 5 days after treatment. Sun beds and sun bathing should be avoided up to 10 days after pigmentation.