Phd depilation is a patented hygienic waxing system. The depilation method is based on the fact that a single applicator is used for each client to apply to the skin, and this eliminates the possibility of getting infections. For each client’s depilation, a new nozzle is screwed onto the end of the wax tube, with which the wax is applied, and then this nozzle is thrown away. Depiléve depilation is a complex hygienic waxing agent, ideal for performing facial and body depilation waxing procedures. An extensive selection of depilation procedure tools ensures a successful waxing service with optimal use of time and the desired very good end result. Special waxes have been developed for each skin type, in order to enable the effective removal of unwanted body hair without the unwanted side effects of depilation. Sukar depilation method has several advantages compared to conventional wax removal: 1. Painless, because it does not stick to the skin, but only to the hair. 2. It is also suitable for clients with the most delicate and sensitive skin, redness of the skin after the procedure is minimal, practically non-existent. 3. Also removes a few days old hair that has been previously shaved.