Price list

Daytime make up25.00
Evening/Photo make up35.00
Bridal make up35.00
Bridal test make up25.00
Personal colour consultation49.00
Hairstyle test by computer (4 photot)19.00
Hairstyle test by computer (9 photot)22.00
Personal style consultation125.00
Personal colour swatch125.00
Make up lessons49.00
Ear piercing20.00
Face treatments 
Microdermabrasion+moisturizing mask42.00
Microdermabrasion+moisturizing mask+serum44.00
Microdermabrasion+oxygen mask47.00
Ultrasound face treatment+oxygen mask55.00
Ultrasound face treatment+moisturizing mask44.00
Ultrasound face & decolletage treatment+oxygen mask65.00
Ultrasound face & decolletage treatment+effect mask63.00
Lymph massage+mask37.00
Lymph massage24.00
Teenager face treatment28.00
Guinot facemask+eyemask29.00
Oxygen mask25.00
Classical face treatment44.00
Face & decolletage scrubbing + massage + oxygen mask 1h55.00
Classical face & decolletage treatment + oxygem mask 1,5h63.00
Classical back treatment + oxygen mask49.00
Ultrasound back treatment + oxygen mask49.00
Guinot treatments ( ask from salon – )starting from 45eur -88eur
Nimue treatments ( ask from salon – )starting from 25eur – 60eur
D´arsenval 10min.7.00
Eyebrows & eyelashes 
Lash curling30.00
Lash curling + colouring30.00
Lash colouring6.00
Brows colouring / coloring with henna6.00 / 25.00
Brows trimming6.00
Brows depilation8.00
Brows modeling8.00
Brows trimming, colouring + eyelash colouring15.00
Brows depilation, colouring + eyelash colouring17.00
Classical Eyelash extensions39.00
Classical extensions reatment 1h25.00
NB! we don’t offer volume eyelash extensions ! 
Classical manicure24.00
Treatmentpolish manicure23.00
No polish manicure20.00
French manicure25.00
Paraffin mask9.00
Hot paraffin mask13.00
Manicure + hot paraffin28.00
Manicure + cold paraffin25.00
Nail art for 1 nail1.00
Manicure + nail art28.00
Nail polish7.00
Removing nail polish4.00
Removing old nail polish + applying new polish9.00
Fast manicure 20min.-30min.12.00
Bio Sculpture gel nails: 
Nail extension79.00
Gel overlay 2h 
Clear gel43.00
Colour gel49.00
French gel49.00
Natural nail repair with gel6.00
Gelnail repair8.00
1 nail extension9.00
Removing gel + manicure25.00
EVO gelpolish35.00
Foot care: 
EVO gelpolish pedicure45.00
Classical pedicure 1-1,5h42.00
Foot treatment scrubbing, mask, massage 0,5h16.00
Spa pedicure 1,5h45.00
Removing gel + pedicure40.00
Foot nailpolish10.00
Gel pedicure55.00
Pedicure + 2 toes with gel45.00
BioSculpture mask for feet14.00
Gel for 2 toes14.00
Whole legs33.00
Brazilian bikini37.00
Upper lip8.00
Upper lip + chin13.00
Ear piercing20.00
Navel piercing25.00
Piercing homecare treatment6.00
Permanent make up: 
For women 
Hot scissors cutting35.00
For men 
Cutting 1h23.00
Machine cutting17.00
Kids to 10 year15.00
Cutting fringe5.00
Beard trimming7.00
Styling hair: 
Blow-dried hairstyle20.00/25.00
Evening hairstyle25.00/30.00
Bridal consultation 1h17.00
Evening hairstyle 2h, bridal 1h/3h36.00….56.00
Wash+cut+hot curls 1,5h…+ 6,00 for cutting price
Wash+cut+ironing1/1,5h…+5,00 for cutting price
Permanent curling: 
Short hair36.00 + cutting price
Mid lenght hair43.00 + cutting price
Long hair49.00 + cutting price
1 time +cutting/colouring23.00/12.00
2 times + cutting/colouring33.00/17.00
3 times + cutting/colouring40.00/20.00
Haircolouring price depends the lengt of the hair and the method of the colouring 
For exact price please call 641 91 81 or write to us 
* Salon have the right to change prices